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Rules are rules

Regulations Casa Maria Deventer

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands. However, as with other professions, there are rules attached to it. If you want to work for us, we apply an age of at least 21 years old. There are many reasons why someone would want to work in prostitution, but always remember that it should be your own choice. No one should force you to do this work.

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You must at all times be in possession of a passport or ID from an EU country or Eer country if you want to work in prostitution. A Dutch residence permit stating that you are allowed to work is also a valid document.

For more information, please visit the website of the Dutch government.

Chamber of Commerce Registration

You can only rent a room as a self-employed person. To become self-employed, you must register with the Chamber of Commerce. You must do this with the correct industry code, namely 6909. This does not have to be specifically prostitution, but your registration must be done with this code.
If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us. Or check the website of the Chamber of Commerce.


Hygiene is very important on all fronts and is therefore a top priority for us. This means that, in addition to working safely and hygienically at all times, you also treat the workspaces in the same way.

It is also important that you are regularly checked for STDs. As a prostitute in the Netherlands you can have yourself tested for free at the GGD. If you have your own GP, you can also choose to visit your GP regularly for a test.

For more information, visit the website of GGD Ijsselland

BRP Registration

To be able to register with the Chamber of Commerce, you must be registered with a municipality in the Netherlands. This means that you must have a home in the Netherlands to start your own business.

More about Basic Registration of Persons

Our rules

House rules

In addition to the laws and regulations as laid down by the national government, we also apply a number of important rules.

Accepting possession or use of drugs, receiving stolen goods, theft or other offenses are not. If we suspect human trafficking or something similar, we will immediately report it to the police.

Respect is very important and you can expect this from us, but we also expect this in return. This means that you always handle all spaces and belongings neatly and that you ensure that you work hygienically at all times.

In addition to all practical matters, you are expected to speak at least one of the following languages; Dutch, English, German or Spanish, so that you can communicate clearly with us and of course the customers at all times.

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